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Julia Rotgans 


  • Family/Lifestyle Photography

  • Documentary Photography

  • Portrait Photography

  • Business/Personal branding photography

About Me

Hi, I am Julia, mother of one and I live in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

I started my passion for photography a few years ago and I found out that putting people out of their comfort zones and into their own light makes the most precious memorabel moments to capture.

I started to see, being behind the camera, that my way of looking at the world,  My creative way of seeing nature, people, emotions, small moments, can grow big in front of my lens.

I find my passion in capturing the best real detailed version of people, that can be everywhere; in a portrait, in business, documentary, fine art, lifestyle sharing your OWN story of life.

It can be withhin kids, nature and the reality of life on itself, daily small things,  that are precious to capture and to remember.


My way of photographing is reality, pictures that aren’t standard and very detailed.

Everything that i do, i do with passion and with movement, that can create the best captured moments that i love to make in the light of nature, with my energy, through the light of my camera.


‘ Everyone has a photographic memory, but only some of us have the film’


Julia Rotgans

Art Showcase

When something amazing happens in your life, you have two ways to keep it always: the memory in your mind and maybe, with some foresight, the photographs.


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